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Engineer of Freedom Award

How many FORR® members do you know that really exemplify the spirit of freedom? The member who has belonged for so many years, no one can keep track. The member who, when the call went out for a work session or a shift at an event, has always been there. The member, who has held every office in a Local and has been in one or the other as long as anyone can remember or the member who has jumped in there and helped to spark a Local to success, seemingly overnight. We all know these members, we see them every time there’s a Local or CC meeting, or we go to an event and it’s their smiling face that greets us and signs us in. And now there’s a way to recognize those special members who have made up the heart and soul of Freedom of Road Riders®, the “Engineer of Freedom” Award.

Q. Who may receive the “Engineer of Freedom” award?
A. Any member in good standing of Freedom of Road Riders®.

Q. How can a member be nominated for the “Engineer of Freedom” award?
A.  Any member or Local may nominate a member for this award. Simply write a letter to the Central Committee Cabinet of FORR® outlining the contributions of the nominee to the cause of freedom and mail it or e-mail to the FORR Corporate Secretary,


Amy Allmon

320 Prairie Lane

Belton, MO 64012

or at

Q. How are nominees selected as an “Engineer of Freedom”?
A. The FORR® CC Cabinet will review the nominations at the officer’s meeting the night before each Central Committee meeting. Only the contributions of the nominee will be considered; the name will not be divulged to any officer besides the Corporate Secretary. The recipient(s) will be announced at the CC meeting the day following their selection. Nominations for those who are not selected will be reviewed again at the next meeting.

Q. What does the recipient get for being selected as an “Engineer of Freedom”?
A. Recipients will receive a red, white and blue “Engineer of Freedom” patch (which will be one of the rarest patches around FORR®) and their names will be listed on the roll of “Engineers” maintained by the Central Committee and published in the Freedom Press.

Engineers will serve FORR® by passing on an example of the dedication that has led FORR® to the triumphs of the last 30 years. We owe it to those members (you know who they are!) who have helped to make this the biggest and best motorcyclist rights organization in Missouri, and one of the most successful in the nation. So, think about the special people that YOU know, and let’s start nominating those “Engineers” who have helped to drive this Freedom Train.

Recipients Of The “Engineer Of Freedom Award”


January – None

March – Mayra Peebles and Susan McDonald

May – Cliff Hilburn



January- None

March – Chris McCurley

May – Emily Smith

July – Duane Copowycz

September – None

November - Les “Pa” Sanders and Sonia “Ma” Mix



January – None

March - None

May – Tim O’Connor

July - David Nelson

September - Rodney Huff

November - Jim Fitzsimonds



January – None

March – None

May – Paul McCormack

July – “Tripper” Winger

September – Sam Chapman (posthumously)

November – Cindy Barker



January – None

March – ?

May – Michelle O’Connor

July – Duchess Karr

September – Kim “Stampede” Archer

November – Ed Carper



January  Pat Green

March  Michelle Gardner

May  Michelle Darter

July  Ron JungbauerLouise Jungbauer

September  Ron Gilbert

November  Joe "DC" Karr


January  None

March  Doug Hilburn

May  Shaulene Capps

July-  None

September  Skyler McWilliams / Rock Palmer

November  Tammi McMinn


January  Bill Gimse

March  Dean Singleton

May  Smokin’ Joe Widmer

July  Donna Hilburn

September  Bill “MaddDawg” Thornhill

November  Terry Cobb


January  Paul Jones

March  John Tiffany

May  Donna Duyck

July  Ken Lewis / Kerri Lewis

September  Steve Burrow

November  Mark Brown


January  Denise Taylor

March  Glenda Ely

May  Mary Reeves / Robin “Newbee” Brown

July  Mark Roloff / Deanna Seymour

September  Kenny “Ditch” Williams / Carl Hammond

November  Layne Shady  / Raymond Palmer


January  Terry Lee Cook / Diana Holguin

March  Amy Allmon

May  Georgia Haley (posthumously)

July  Keifer York

September  Tom “Cutter” Cutsinger

November  Alma Halbert


January-  None

March  Ronda Felts

May  Debra John

July  Roy “Cowboy” Hoard

September  Randy Nations

November  Les Morris / Cindy Morris


January  Katherine Cashell

March  Shelly Payne / Kevin Kohler

May  B. L. McDonnell

July  Steve Gallus

September  Kathy Rice

November  Bill “Treetop” Duncan / Randy Farris


January  Mark “Sparky” Capps

March  Bill Kempker

May  Steve “Staples” Comeau

July  Randy Stovall

September  Curtiss Moore

November  Randy “Knobber” Garrison


January  Jim Scheele / Larry Wheeler

March  Sir Robert Young

May  Scott Fennewald

July-  None

September  Roy Brown / Dale Thomas

November  Don Brown / Mindy Reif


January  Lisa Becton

March  Martin King

May  Tracy Davis

July  Jim Cross

September  None

November  None


January  Debbie Mullanix

March  Dan Harmon / Jay Haas

May  Deanna Norris

July  Bob Neal / Phil Speiser (posthumously)

September  Joe Kempker

November  None


January  Darrel Wray / Robert Reif, Jr.

March  Richard “Chief” Engle

May  Gred “Halfbreed” Mullanix

July  Sandy Bates

September  Bob Hawkins

November  Chad Coffelt


January  Randy Adkison

March  John “Superglide” Lisby / Carol Roark

May  Alice Speiser (posthumously)

July  None

September  Dan Coffey

November  Doug Clawson


January  JR DeGraffenreid / Rose Tipton / John Stouffer

March  Darell Chavis / Susan Chavis / Sam King

May  Bob Reasoner

July  Dave Roark

September  Nick Swope / Mike “Taz” Moeller

November  Terry “Klon” Smith


January  Mike Hellman

March  Wayne “Tip” Tipton

May  Charlie Pilcher

July  Sally Schwaner

September  Gordon Becton

November  Jim Duyck


January  Linda “Pinky” Jackson

March  Linda Hawkins

May  Kathy Steinhauser

July  Doug Weiss

September  None

November  Sue Boone / Tony Shepherd


January  Sandy “Sunshine” Hoffman

March  Daniel “Fergy” Ferguson

May  Shari Cullimore

July  Mark Chapman

September  Sam Schindler

November  Steve “Tanker” King


January  Adam Brown

March  Dallas Chapman

May  Brian Lundy

July  None

September  Jim Enloe

November  Mike “Animal” McPeek


January  None

March  None

May  Louise Reasoner / Ed “Smokey” Strodtman / Darrell Swinger

July  Mike Sloan

September  Larry “Indy” Barnhart

November  Steve Barbey

Freedom of Road Riders is a Not-For-Profit Motorcyclist Rights Organization

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